Michael E. DeBakey Visuals

[Portrait of Michael DeBakey, age 2]
[Portrait of Michael DeBakey, age 27]
[Portrait of Michael DeBakey (with glasses)]
[Michael DeBakey, seated, with Lasker Award statuette]
[Michael DeBakey, seated in a Model T Ford, in front of the Cullen Building at Baylor University College of Medicine]
[National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute public service advertisement featuring Michael DeBakey]
[Michael DeBakey at home sewing a Dacron artificial artery]
[Michael DeBakey, in his office, with wall of awards and commendations behind him]
[Michael DeBakey, in lab coat and surgical cap, smiling]
[Portrait of Michael DeBakey's parents, Raheeja and Shaker DeBakey]
[Michael DeBakey holding his son, Michael]
[Michael DeBakey with his first wife, Diana, and their son Michael M. (age 9 months)]
[Michael DeBakey with U.S. Army surgical consultants in North Africa]
[Michael DeBakey receiving the Legion of Merit Award from Surgeon General Norman Thomas Kirk]
[Michael DeBakey in his U.S. Army uniform]
[Michael DeBakey with his fellow Army surgical consultants]
[Michael DeBakey and his wife Katrin at home]
[Michael DeBakey at his 70th birthday party]
[Michael DeBakey with some of the students from Houston's Health Sciences High School]
[Michael DeBakey with Rene Leriche]
[Michael DeBakey with President Lyndon B. Johnson]
[Michael DeBakey with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor]
[Portrait of Alton Ochsner]
[Michael DeBakey with Rene Leriche and surgical colleagues at the Leriche Clinic in Strasbourg, France]
[Michael DeBakey in surgical gown at the Leriche Clinic in Strasbourg, France]
[Michael DeBakey observing surgery at the Leriche Clinic in Strasbourg, France]
[Michael DeBakey with fellow residents at Heidelberg, Germany]
[Michael DeBakey with Baylor University surgical staff]
[Michael DeBakey in surgical scrubs at Methodist Hospital, operating room in background]
[Michael DeBakey performing surgery]

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